About Noel Bautista

Hi, my name is Noel and I am a programmer currently located in the SF Bay Area. I'm not fond of job titles / accolades, but I think I'm pretty legit. At work, I do code reviews, get my code reviewed, help plan and estimate new features, play pretend devops, implement new features, and work on proof of concept projects! I work best with a team that I could bounce ideas off of and play ping pong with.

Before I tell you my life story, feel free to get in touch with me through {{ site.email }}!

More About Me

Public speaking isn't exactly my strong suit, but I've done a couple of talks at my company, conferences, and meetups! Check out my slides about Data Science and Animated Vector Drawables on Android-

I write Android apps at my day job, and I spend a good amount of time geeking out about Unix.

I consider myself a Unix fan, but I am also a beginner. Just like how everything on Wikipedia leads to philosophy, I think any software engineering discussion leads to Unix or the Unix Philosophy.

My main desktop runs on Arch Linux, a really minimal Linux distro. I have my main development environment pimped out, check out my dotfiles / screenshots on my gitlab!

On the more human side, I like to eat, take photos, and travel.


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