These are my main rig’s latest specs and parts list. I will be constantly updating this list as I buy new parts. I usually don’t buy the latest and greatest PC parts. I tend to pull the trigger on great price to performance ratio, and suggestions from /r/buildapc or Slickdeals.

These are by no means the best combination of parts, nor the most powerful PC for gaming or video editing or flying to the moon.

Last edit: May 19, 2018

Latest Notes: I upgraded to the first generation Ryzen 5 1600x. It does everything FAST.. from compiling code to running computationally intensive games. Sadly, my old AIO liquid CPU cooler isn’t compatible with my new processor. Tha stock fan has been enough, performing better than average stock coolers. I’ve been throwing moderate loads at my CPU and only been hearing light fan noise.

Speaking of noise, I splurged a bit and bought a Fractal Design Nano. It’s quiet and pretty much dust proof. I like its minimalist design.

A new CPU also means a new motherboard and RAM. I upgraded to a 16GB 3200Mhz module but I still have to use more than 6GB at a time. It was definitely more of a splurge and for future proofing.

(I’m not a chrome user :))


October 23, 2016 Notes: Just upgraded to a MSI RX 480 8G and I’ve been running non-CPU intensive games on High - Ultra at 1440p resolution and 60+ fps. Ultra graphics are nice, but I kinda think the jump from Medium isn’t that great visually. I like that this GPU is extremely quiet even under load!

I’ve also upgraded to an AIO Liquid CPU cooler, namely the Zalman LQ-320. It’s nice, quiet, and keeps my temps below 60C. Only caveat is that it’s radiator is a lot thicker than other AIO’s such as the popular Corsair H60.

Lastly, (Christmas came early, didn’t it?) I also upgraded my PSU to a Full Modular, Gold-Rated, Seasonic X-650. It’s not a very functional upgrade as I am coming from a 630 Watt Rosewill, but I like that it’s modular and super quiet. Just like my MSI RX 480, it doesn’t spin up its fans unless it has to.

December 6, 2015 Notes: Just realized my parts are mostly from 2011-2013. They still work well for VERY intensive PC games of 2015 (at Low to Medium settings). I still have no real need to upgrade CPU. My graphics card chugs along nicely when overclocked, but I may upgrade to a MSI R9 390 once it dips along $180-$200 range.


PC Part Type Item Name Date Bought
Case Fractal Design Nano 06/01/2017
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 1600X 06/01/2017
Video Card (GPU) MSI GAMING RX 480 09/01/2016
RAM 8GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical 06/01/2013
Boot SSD Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 08/01/2014
SSD 2 Intel 535 128GB 06/01/2013
HDD Western Digital 1TB Blue 06/01/2013
Power Supply Unit (PSU) SeaSonic 650W Series 09/01/2016
Motherboard ASRock 970 Extreme4 06/01/2013
Operating System Arch Linux 06/01/2013
Operating System 2 Windows 10 Home 06/01/2013
Keyboard Ergodox EZ Mechanical Keyboard (Gateron Clears) 04/06/2017
Gaming Controller Steam Controller 11/01/2015
Speakers Logitech z313 2.1 Speakers 12/01/2011
Webcam Logitech c920 09/01/2014
Intake + Exhaust Fans NZXT 140mm Case Fans 09/01/2015