My first ever mechanical keyboard is the CM Storm Quickfire Rapid! I went with this because of its size, minimal features, and the blue switches. It’s an excellent entry level mechanical keyboard at a very affordable price.

CM Storm Quickfire Rapid

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid

Cherry MX Blues

The Cherry MX blues are very satisfying to press. I tried pressing other Cherry keys over at Fry’s to see if there are any other keys I prefer, but I really prefer the feel of the Cherry MX blues. I don’t like the super loud click sound with each keypress. It took me a while to get used to it, but my friends all comment on it every time I type while on Skype.

Actually, I prefer the feel of much older keyboards, like the ones that came with the super old Macintosh computers :) We have some old computers at work that I could play around with during breaks. They feel like less mushier Cherry MX Blues.

Solid Construction

The CM Storm QuickFire Rapid is pretty heavy for its size, but that’s a good thing! I used to have issues with my keyboard moving around while I type. Nothing in this little keyboard feels cheap or flimsy. It’s incredibly solid and compact. I never felt that I needed bigger keys, or wider spacing between keys.

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid

It comes with a detachable, braided USB cord for connecting to your PC. Cooler Master was kind enough to include a USB to PS/2 adapter (the purple one) to help you save an extra USB slot and to enable N-key rollover. The included USB feels like a little sturdy rope.

Cooler Master also included a key remover and a set of red WSAD keys. Nice additions for the FPS gamer!

The bottom of the keyboard has creases for cord organization. However, I find that the USB cord doesn’t really fit well in them and pops out of the creases from time to time.

Minimal Features

No LEDs (newer version has it). No wireless connectivity. No macro buttons for complicated keypresses. It just gets the job done.

The lack of backlit keys might be a turnoff for some people who look at their keyboards from time to time. I don’t really play games on my mouse + keyboard anymore, thanks to the Steam Controller. Nowadays I use my keyboard for programming, writing stuff, and chatting.

Only the CAPS LOCK, Windows Key lock, and Scroll lock buttons have red LEDs. They can be fairly bright even during day time.

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid

There is a FN key that modifies the F1-F12 keys into media keys. I like the inclusion of a windows key lock mode (FN + F9), very useful for fullscreen games. The volume up, down, and mute buttons are super convenient as well. For me, this is enough for an all-around keyboard.

This keyboard lacks macros, but I never really found those useful. This keyboard replaced my old Logitech G105. I do miss my fully backlit keys, but my monitor releases enough light for me to see my keyboard. Besides, you should consider learning how to type without looking at your keyboard!

The QuickFire Rapid is a true entry level mechanical keyboard without any frills or gimmicks.

Great Entry Level Mechanical Keyboard

The CM Storm QuickFire Rapid is the best mechanical keyboard you could get for the price, and serves as a good entry to the world of mechanical keyboards as well. It’s very solid, works as advertised, and minimalist in design and features.

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Got the QuickFire Rapid Mechanical Keyboard? Let me know what you think about it~!